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Xtreme Soundz DJ – Testing

Rhode Island


Xtreme Soundz DJ, based in the heart of East Providence, commits to ensuring each event is a memorable experience. Through our extensive expertise, we dedicate our time and effort to crafting unforgettable occasions. Prior to each event, we personally consult with our clients to understand their preferences fully. Our success stems from our unwavering dedication, adaptability, organizational prowess, and genuine passion for what we do. Guiding our clients through every stage of their event, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach, setting us apart from competitors and ensuring every occasion is truly unforgettable.

At Xtreme Soundz DJ, we believe in providing exclusive attention to each event, never subcontracting any occasion. We arrive two hours in advance of every event without additional fees, allowing us ample time for setup and preparation. Our personalized style fosters a close rapport with our clients, ensuring they feel comfortable with their DJ. With an extensive music library spanning various cultures, including Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, we specialize in catering to diverse musical preferences. Our cutting-edge sound system represents the pinnacle of industry-standard equipment, ensuring top-tier audio quality.
We remain committed to going above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the superior service they deserve.


We tailor our packages to suit every event's needs.


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Shubham jain


Rhode Island

Interview Transcript

My name is Louis Mata from Extreme Sounds DJ. When it comes down to our company, it's just not a music and DJ company. We're providing an experience.

We provide music. We provide dance lighting, C02, sparks, and photo booths. We also provide monograms customizing your names on the wall, party props, and marquise love letters.

My style for that evening is of tempo quick mixing. I'm constantly paying attention reading the crowd, just making sure that everyone is part of your event. You have to read the crowd. You have to see your guests’ age group, how young they are. I can adapt to any crowd and create that energy that your wedding deserves. We always invite the couple to this app. The app is your own personal planner. You start entering all your details of the time and all the way to the last song. It gives you music suggestions. It brings us all together. It separates us from a lot of companies and it's your own personal planner.

I've been doing this for over 17 years. When it comes down to every event, I feel that the setup is so important. It comes down to the wiring, it comes down to the actual placement of the equipment. Presentation is number one. I strongly believe that when it comes to our DJ setup, everything has to be clean. I take complete pride to make sure that your wedding is going to be looking amazing and sound the best. I always have my assistant with me. That evening, you're getting two DJs, two people that can definitely rock out your wedding. And when it comes down to speakers, mixers, music, laptops, we bring two of everything. Our team of four DJs are very experienced when it comes down to dealing with the coordinators. The maître d’s, they know we're organized. We're ready to go. With Xtreme Soundz, you're getting an experienced DJ company. You are going to have a fun night 100 percent. We're confident, my team's confident, and everything with the preparation, with the app, the setup, you're getting the quality that you deserve.

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