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Music Machine Entertainment DJs

Rhode Island


Passionate and Immensely Creative.

We pride ourselves on being different from any other DJ company, anywhere in the world. We are passionate, creative and “average” just isn’t what we’re about. We’re always looking to do more– to create, to innovate, and to show how technology, when combined with talent, allows us to completely change the wedding experience. We always strive to push the bar higher and in different directions so that our rockstar clients and couples receive the type of event they deserve: one that will be remembered long after the last song ends. We refuse to be bound by the limitations of packages and outdated standards. Flawless Entertainment, a wide variety of enhancements and dance floors packed with guests of all ages is what it’s about for us.

We have a simple formula for success: we listen to you!


A Day to Remember - Together we can create a wedding tailored to your specific needs and requests. Formal or informal, traditional or contemporary, we can assist you in choosing the perfect music arrangement, customs and ceremonies that best suit you. Beginning with your introduction and ending with the last dance, your wedding will be one to remember for a lifetime. We have put together different wedding packages that are tailored to your wedding needs. Our planning process is one of the best. Upon your request, we will give you many exciting and romantic suggestions involving all portions of your wedding day. Special involvement in your cocktail hour, grand entrance, dinner music, toasts, parent dances, special dances, all the way to your last song of the day. Our personal commitment is to make your Wedding for you, your family, and guests one to always remember.


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Jason Demers


Rhode Island

Interview Transcript

My name is Jason Demers, owner and CEO of Music Machine Entertainment Djs. We treat every wedding different, but of course our job is to get your guests at your wedding or even dancing. So we always look at the crowd that we're dealing with and how we're going to get them dancing by playing to their liking and to their music selection. We provide DJ service, uplighting, monograms, photobooths, and love letters for any event.

We treat every wedding as it's like a party of our own, so where there, always engaging. Our personality sticks out for your crowd and just playing to their liking of music to get them all dancing. Day one with a book with us we always tell all our clients we are with you from day one all the way to your wedding day. We are there, you 24/7. Any questions you have, concerns, we are there for you. Myself and my team, you know always present us ourselves very well at any event. We represent you. So our goal is to make sure your guests not only have a good time but make sure that we're very approachable at your event. So dressing well, having you know, the new state-of-the-art equipment out there. Music selections for guests to request music. So our equipment is brand new wireless systems, wireless microphones. Every event every space is different, so we have multiple setups to best fit the needs of the event space that we're working with. We do have backup equipment. We have backup DJs. We come prepared just in case anything happens so that we're fully covered.

I feel Music Machine Entertainment sticks out from other competitors is the over one hundred five-star reviews that we have out there online plus our reputation with many venues that we deal with as well that we're on their preferred list as well too. You know we're there to have a good time too. You know, we're not the center of any attention on your wedding day, it's your day. But we're like behind-the-scenes DJs. So our job is to get your people to have a great time and how we do that is get them up dancing. We want your couples to talk about your wedding after how great the food was, how pretty the venue was, and how awesome the DJ service was. That's the type of reaction that we're looking for for all about couples at the end.

You know I tell all my couples when they sit with me, you know a DJ makes or breaks your wedding. First thing you want to do is do your research on DJs like five-star reviews, you know the referrals from other venues that we have and just make sure you're making the right decision on choosing your DJs. We're there to have a good time. We want your friends and family to have a good time. We want the couple to have a good time, so we're there just to provide the great service that you're looking for with our company.

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