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DJ Valentina

Rhode Island


Meet Valentina, your go-to professional full-time DJ and vibe curator, making waves in the wedding and event scene. With a passion for creating unforgettable moments through seamless mixes and transitions, Valentina transforms every celebration into a musical journey.

As the Director of Babes in Business Boston, Valentina is not just a DJ but a trailblazer for female entrepreneurs and women in business. Her commitment to empowering women extends beyond the dancefloor, creating a community that celebrates success and collaboration.

Whether she’s curating the perfect wedding playlist or spinning at events, Valentina’s expertise shines. words like “professional DJ,” “vibe curator,” and “women in business” showcase her multifaceted talents, making her the ideal choice for those seeking a DJ who goes beyond the beats.

Embark on a journey with Valentina, where every event becomes a unique and empowering experience. Book now to bring the perfect vibe to your celebration and join the community that celebrates both music and female entrepreneurship!



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Valentina Cafferky Marianetti


Rhode Island

Interview Transcript

My name is Valentina Marianetti and my company name is DJ Valentina. To state the obvious I am a female DJ which there are not very many of especially in this area. But also I'm different in that I go more by feeling. I feel like a lot of DJs have a curated playlist already set to go and they really tend to veer off of that playlist. And with me it's more of a feeling. It's more of whatever's going on on the dance floor, whoever is vibing to what I'm playing. I read everyone and feel them and take them on a musical journey, and that's what makes me different.

I have traveled the world, I have done many events, many different age groups to entertain, many different cultures. And I think that's a big part of who I am and what I do is because I'm able to play basically to any crowd. I'm open format, which means that you can put me in any setting and I will be able to keep the party rocking.

I think in the wedding industry it is very important to dress a certain way. It's very important for the DJ to not necessarily outshine the couple, but you also have to fit the aesthetics and fit the vibe and look presentable and look stylish. And I think that's something that's lacking in our industry and I'm here to change that.

The booking process is really seamless from the point of contact. The moment you submit, there's someone there to make sure that you're receiving an email reply. I try to make it as easy as possible because I'm a mother of two and I know that I don't need anything extra to make my life more complicated. So therefore, my booking process is pretty seamless. My end goal is to make sure that not only my clients but all of their guests are on that dance floor, having the time of their lives, creating memories with one another, provide an epic dance party. I want to make sure there's a reunion on the dance floor. People are having the time of their lives, something that they'll never forget, leaving here, talking about it time and time again. And ultimately, that's my goal is to bring people together. If you're looking for an epic dance party, someone who can rock the dance floor, someone who is not your standard cookie-cutter type DJ, look no further. I hope to work with you in the near future.

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