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Music Machine Entertainment DJs

Passionate and Immensely Creative. We pride ourselves on being different from any other DJ company, anywhere in the world. We are passionate, creative and “average” just isn’t what we’re about.…

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Katie Ryan Events

To be fully transparent, I’m a straight-shooter (you can thank my Mom for that!) I’m not into “sales” at all. My superpower is creating, planning, and executing events. As cheesy…

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Corey Young DJ

Based out of Providence RI, Corey Young has taken his talents everywhere from Europe & Asia to any major city in United States. Corey Young is a true professional, and…

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DJ Valentina

Meet Valentina, your go-to professional full-time DJ and vibe curator, making waves in the wedding and event scene. With a passion for creating unforgettable moments through seamless mixes and transitions,…

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Golden Gate Studios

By Jay Lane | November 30, 2023

Golden Gate is owned by Jay Lane who has been at it for almost 50 years now! Crafting beautiful bridal bouquets and wedding accents for all his couples. His best skill is listening to his brides and making their dream bouquet come true. He has maintained through all these years an interest in attention to…

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